Make-up Tips to Shine in Summer

There are a lot of issues involved with makeup when it comes to summer. However, with the right products and application, your make up can last long without feeling heavy or melting off.Make-up for summers should be simple and fresh to go with the season. Mantra for summers is “less is more”. This will help your makeup from creasing and caking in the [....]


10 Make-up Tips for your Perfect Vacation


Let’s embrace it, not a single girl wants to go out without eye-liners, eye shadows, lip color especially on a trip with memorable moments. I can’t live without my favourite blush or eye shadows. Let’s snoop what it takes to have an ideal make-up......


'Drugstore Foundation'


A foundation can leave your skin tone absolutely flawless, giving you a good makeover, but in order to achieve that glowing skin, you need to have...

Bigger eyes 3

'Bigger & Brighter Eyes'


We always want our eyes to look bigger, brighter and more awake......

To make the eyes look beautiful and enhanced......

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