10 Make-up Tips for your Perfect Vacation


Let’s embrace it, not a single girl wants to go out without eye-liners, eye shadows, lip color especially on a trip with memorable moments. I can’t live without my favourite blush or eye shadows. Let’s snoop what it takes to have an ideal make-up kit for a perfect vacation.

Follow these 10 tips to roll down your make-up kit:

1. Replace rare to regular

Foremost advice is to carry your regular make up brands which are easily available near you. They will work just as good as the super expensive brands and less painful if you will break or lose them.

2. Sunshine

Whether you are on a beach or a high altitude mountain, don’t forget to apply non sticky sunscreen on your face, neck, feet and arms. Over exposure of sun can cause tanning, wrinkles and sunburns. Sunscreen is a good solution and you can glow like sunshine.

3. All in one

Choose concealer, foundation and compact in one. How about using product which serves more than one purpose? You can use tinted sunscreen instead or a concealer stick which will give you foundation effect. Leave too many products at home and carry “All in one”.

4. Brighten your eyes

Don’t let your under eye bags and dark circles ruin your Instagram holiday selfies. Avoid using five – six pallets of eye shadows. Pick an eye shadow colour which will match with all your outfits—one for day (shimmering beige or powder pink is nice) and one for night (charcoal or deep purple). As an add-on, you can mix makeup fixer to an eye shadow, the shadow sticks to the wet brush even more and wet bristles intensify color. Use water proof eye shadows and eye liners.

5. Lip gloss instead of Lipsticks

Tinted Lip gloss or lip stains can be helpful while travelling. Lip stains can also be used as blush. Make sure you have one bright and one neutral option. Using long-lasting lipstick can lead to crack and dry lips. Don’t forget to carry lip balm to cure your dry lips.

6. Skin hydrating mist

Use face mist to keep your face refreshed and hydrated. A good facial mist contains glycerin, floral water, mint and essential oils to have a magical effect on your tired skin.

7. Hair care

Never forget the hair which bears the most abrupt things during travel. DIY – put your favorite shampoo and conditioner in small bottles for your travel. Pack your mini hair straightener during travelling. This will also work as an impromptu iron for your clothing.

8. Paint your nails

Leave your many nail care products at home and get your favourite nail paint and apply transparent nail paint on it post dry to avoid nail paint chip during your travel. Applying a neutral sheer color won’t call attention if it does chip.

9. Essentials

Makeup remover wipes are better than liquid makeup remover and very essential to remove the make up after a long hectic day. We get in touch with so many harmful substances while travelling and Hand Sanitizer is must to protect our hands from bacteria. Perfumes are necessary to maintain your personality. During travel, when your body is more prone to sweat, heat and dust – perfume is a must.

10. Settle your makeup bags

Pack your makeup bags tightly and zip-locked to avoid leakages. Settle your makeup bag carefully between two layers of clothes to keep it safe and intact.

Get, set, go and carry along the makeup magic rolling case wherever you go!

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